About us and our activity


Group of companies INSTABALT are represented on the on the market of three Baltic Countries and are the official distributor of producers WAGO, BRENNENSTUHL, VILMA, KOPP, ELEKTRO-PLAST

The type of activity – wholesale of electric materials.

The field of activity consist of three directions:

  1. Work with retailers of electrical materials, building materials, household appliances, household goods. This group contains all the main groups of products that meet the needs of small and medium-sized electrical materials stores, large building stores. The main ones are electrical materials, household and industrial extension cords, lamps and spotlights
  2. Work with wholesale companies of electrical materials. The main products for this group of customers are WAGO terminal connections, professional extension cords and spotlights, sockets and switches with a high degree of protection
  3. Work with system integrators working in the field of building automation and production processes, industrial enterprises of various profiles. The main products for this group are WAGO systems and solutions.

The presence of warehouses in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius allows quickly and flexibly carry out orders to any client.

The product range includes products produced in Baltic countries, Poland and Germany.
The important task of our work is to provide full service to our customers from defining a required product range for a specific customer to delivering goods and serving stands directly to stores.

Using our many years’ experience in the sale of electrical products, we help our customers in each country choose the right range of products. We also provide marketing assistance and train sellers.
We conduct training seminars on WAGO automation with the issuance of appropriate certificates.

For 25 years on the Baltic market, we have extensive experience working with clients, whose number is constantly growing in all countries



1993 year. The company DIGIRS RKF Ltd., Riga, Latvia was established. The main activity is the import and export of electrical materials in the Baltic market.
1996. RALF OŪ, Rapla, Estonia is founded, becoming one of the main sellers of installation production to the Estonian market, being the exclusive distributor of Kopp Elektrotechnik GmbH

1999. Established INSTABALT Ltd., Vilnius, Lithuania. The main focus of the company is the sale of industrial and household extenders. The company becomes the exclusive distributor of Brennenstuhl GmbH
2004. RALF OU moves its warehouse and office to Tallinn, which helps to improve customer service in the capital of Estonia by maintaining an active regional policy.
2004. DIGIRS RKF SIA Company moves to its office and warehouse complex on Vestienas 6 street in Riga.
2004. RALF, DIGIRS and INSTABALT have been renamed to INSTABALT ESTONIA, LATVIA and LIT, with the result that all three companies have acquired their common name

2005. INSTABALT Group becomes the exclusive distributor of Wago Kontakttechik GmbH in Lithuania and Latvia.
2007. INSTABALT EESTI and INSTABALT LATVIA become the exclusive distributor of VILMA ELECTRIC GmbH in Estonia and Latvia.
2010. INSTABALT Group becomes the exclusive wholesale distributor of Brennenstuhl GmbH in the Baltic countries.
2014. INSTABALT Group begins operations in the Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation, where it supplies WAGO products.
2017. INSTABALT EESTI and INSTABALT LIT expand and improve warehouse space and office space.

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